The instrument of love

Track Listing
Mori No Komichi
Song for a Found Harmonium
Going Home
Here Comes the Sun
My Favourite Things
Take Five
Say It's Only a Paper Moon
Limehouse Blues
Flamingo Satay
After You've Gone
Autumn Leaves
Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
Tiptoe Thru the Tulips
Touge No Wagaya
William Tell Overture

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From 1999, this is the first CD from the Serious Ukulele Ensemble, including nineteen tasty and dynamic instrumentals. 
Every song is guaranteed to contain no less than 75% pure uke. It involves an eclectic range of
classical tunes as originally intended for ukulele before being hijacked by more aggressive orchestral instruments, Jazz standards, and guitar anthems, vastly improved by removing all guitars, and replacing with ukulele.