the Serious Ukulele ensemble
We live in a world where all of the major earth shattering challenges have been met. Everest has been conquered, the moon reached, the 4 minute mile left in tatters and the Pacific Ocean crossed solo by a man on a chilly bin lid. Given that there just isn't anything meaningful left for the rest of us to attempt, we've been forced to downsize and make more personal our versions of these mammoth and unlikely tasks, to seek less obvious rewards.
The challenge of making complex and listenable music with just 1.5 metres of nylon strings, 550 grams of wood and glue and a musical range of 1.5 octaves may not be earth shattering but it is just as unlikely.

So stick these CDs on your gramophone, make a nice cup of tea, and enjoy.

For your listening pleasure, we have four albums. Click on the album image for more info
The Instrument of LoveThe_instrument_of_love.html
Dead SeriousDead_Serious.html
Mostly HarmlessMostly_harmless.html