Mostly Harmless
track listing
Sweet George
The Power of Gospel
Golden Brown
Paint it Black
Riders on the Storm
Calor Humano
New Instrumental CD which explores the darker side of the uke. With this CD we are choosing to leave the musically ironic tunes alone; now that the uke has become the new black we have steered clear of the usual oddities designed to show how clever uke players are at transcribing legendary guitar anthems onto four feeble nylon strings, but which rely on you knowing the original song for the joke to work. The solitary anthem we have covered will probably not be recognisable anyway. This time we tried for music which was a little less obvious. Though most of the tunes were in some small way moody before we got to them, the CD falls a few shades short of dark. Making ominous music from a very lightweight and naturally positive instrument is a lot harder than it might initially appear. Jolly good listening none-the-less. Some nice originals from David Wells, Adam Fulton, and his ex-band Sora Shima.
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