Dead Serious

Track listing

The second Serious Ukulele Ensemble album came out just in time for Christmas 2001. 
It features on the cover a nice picture of Debbie's great-grandparents having nearly no fun at an English holiday camp in the 1930s, and has three bonus tracks by the Karamu Cycle Club Auxiliary Band.
1. Misirilou
2. Time in a Bottle
3. Brown Eyed Girl
4. L' Amour est un oisseau rebelle
5. Forty Pound Float
6 Nothing Else Matters
7. Duelling Banjoleles
8. Minuet in C
9. Minor Swing
10. Sir Sidney Smith's March
11. No Surprises
12. Spanish Harlem
13. The Entertainer
14. Stranger on the Shore

Three Bonus Tracks by the Karamu Cycling Club Auxiliary Band:

15. Chopsticks
16. Apache
17. Whispering